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More about Zdravo company

Brief overview

Vojvodina has always been synonymous with 'good food'. The village of Selenca, proudly the home of ZDRAVO Organic, is situated in the heart of the fertile Pannonian flatlands in the south-west region of Vojvodina and has a population of around 3500 inhabitants of mainly Slovak extraction. Its luscious fertile plains, an abundance of water and a moderate climate make this region enviably suitable for rich harvesting of a variety of organic fruits and vegetables used in ZDRAVO's range. The widely renown reputation of Vojvodina's peasant farmers for adhering to eco-safe principles of healthy food production over the centuries has been incorporated into every aspect of processing ZDRAVO's (HEALTHY) fruit and vegetable juices and other produce. Since its conception in 2002, project ZDRAVO has jealously guarded and maintained standards of highest quality. Our carefully selected and hand-picked range of produce is our trump card and not surprisingly 30% of total production currently ends up on European tables. It’s no co-incidence that ZDRAVO's reputation and stature continues to grow and attract an ever growing market of consumers domestically and abroad as far afield as Australia.

Pristine eco-safe environment

ZDRAVO’s primary focus is ensuring that its fruits and vegetables have been nurtured and grown in a pristinely natural and bio-dynamically viable environment. In a region where mother nature has preserved tens of thousands of hectares of unspoiled black fertile soil, ZDRAVO has forged an enviable bond with the region’s peasant farmers, where whole communities rally round bio-dynamic, best-farming practises buoyed by ever-increasing abundant harvests year in year out.

Certification & quality standards

Our consumers can have the confidence that ZDRAVO is accredited and certified by leading national organic certification bodies, including the internationally recognised European Union Council Regulation (EU2092/91). ZDRAVO’s own food and production research team has over the years invested hundreds of hours and hundreds of tons of fruit and vegetables in order to develop a health-promoting range of well harmonised, natural products where the unique colours, flavours and nutritional value are not compromised. The company has also been a pioneer in the introduction of the environmental protection system with the granting of ISO 14001 certification and HACCP standards of hygiene in food production and processing. This year ZDRAVO has been certified according to the requirements of the ISO22000 and ISO18000 (OHSAS) standard referring to the mandatory protection and safeguards of its employees. In addition, the quality of products is regularly controlled and monitored by the Institute for Food Technology in Novi Sad and each product is certified with an attested quality certificate.

Investment in the latest technology

With an ever finely-tuned ear to our consumers’ demands, as well as those necessitated by increased demands on its scope of production, and in the interest of optimum nutritional preservation, ZDRAVO’s forward looking executive has now invested more than 4 million euros in procurement of the state of the art food technology. Namely the instalment of a special ULO (Ultra-Low-Oxygen) chamber, together with modern computer systems that meet the needs of the entire cooling chain - cooling in storing, production and delivery. It now proudly boasts a new cooling plant with the processing capacity of up to 5000 tons where fresh fruit and vegetables can be kept as fresh as the day they were harvested for long periods. This provides for a continuum of production and supply of a wide-ranging assortment of produce to our domestic and international markets right throughout the year.

Knowledge and experience

In-depth knowledge and extensive experience of our experts has been woven into the production of fresh food. Each product in our range is unique in taste as a result of its carefully chosen ingredients. The bottling of stewed fruits, jams, marmalades, fruit spreads, pickled vegetables and ajvar is based on hot food processing methods. However cold filtering of fruits and vegetables is used to produce apple, grape, beet and tomato juices, without any added sugar nor water. Adding a balm of natural apple juice to 100% natural organic pulp is used in the production of apricot, peach, sour cherry, raspberry and strawberry juices. These fruits have been handpicked for their outstanding nutritional and healing value. It is of paramount importance to ZDRAVO to preserve nature’s own healing properties without the use of any chemical means such as preserving agents and synthetic additives. The only and exclusive means of preservation is carried out through pasteurisation.

Advantages of organic

Organic foods are grown according to certain production standards, without the use of conventional pesticides, artificial fertilizers, free from contamination by human industrial waste and processed without ionizing radiation or food additives. Organic produce may not be genetically modified in most countries. The general consensus of science and research is that organic farming is beneficial for many reasons, amongst others some of these are:

Organic farms do not use or release synthetic pesticides into the environment with the potential to harm soil, water, local terrestrial and aquatic wildlife.
Organic farms preserve the finely balanced and diverse ecosystems, i.e., sustain populations of plants and insects as well as animals.
Flavour of organic foods and many health-promoting benefits of chemical free foods are also well known.
Per unit area or per unit of yield, organic farms use less energy and produce less waste (e.g. even such waste as packaging for chemicals, fertilizers and energy for their production and transportation etc.)

ZDRAVO is subject to an annually reviewed organic certification program which examines the practices of farms and food processing to help assure our consumers that food labelled as “certified organic” has been grown according to nationally accepted organic standards. With ZDRAVO you can be confident that your fruits and vegetables are grown naturally, chemical free and allowed to mature, ripen and develop its full nutrition content the way nature intended.

On its more than 10.000 square meters of business floor space, the plant currently processes the freshest of fruits and vegetables that can rightfully be called ZDRAVO (HEALTHY), because they are 100% natural, 100% Vojvodina and 100% healthy.