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When you look out at the world from Selenca, with a long gaze over Vojvodina’s fields, you realise that you have to base life on what you have, and not what you are missing. And here in Backa, we have always had a healthy relationship with the land we populated, [the land we] cultivated, and [the land] of which we even built our houses.

That is why in 2002 we founded a company for processing fruit and vegetables: we had centuries of experience in production of raw materials and traditional recipes for making healthy food. For generations our ancestors kept the land fertile, and nature has gifted us with plenty of water and enough sunny days. Modern technology has given us tools to turn our ideas into reality.

Because we started out as a small family business, we were able to set out with a strong company ethic – a good host always brings out the best for his guests. Today, the company “Zdravo organic” (“Healthy Organic”) has 350 employees, and our products are recognised as the best Vojvodina has to offer.


Homamade aiwar made from backed pepers






ZDRAVO juices

sok_malinaDrinking juices from squeezed fruit and vegetables without additives, on a regular basis, is one of the best things you can do to improve your health. By drinking fruit and vegetables, you take much more useful substances (up to 80% more) than by eating them. Fruit and vegetables in form of juice are easier to digest, that is why juices "spare" the digestive organs and maintain health of liver and kidneys.

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Juices that do not accept compromise

forum02No water is added to our juices. The water squeezed out of fresh fruit and vegetables is enriched with useful substances and it is the only water in them. The production process of making juices involves mechanical squeezing of fruit and vegetables, filtering the derived juice, pouring it into glass bottles and finally pasteruising it without adding any preservers.

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Our products without packing

Pomi d'oro (ital.) = golden apple




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